After “wow you’re brave!” ,“oh, you’re homeschooling – good luck with that!” are the comments I get most when discussing our trip. Ironically, it is the thing that I worried least about before we left but have spent the most time agonising over since.

I have no teaching experience and neither the dedication nor the patience to be a teacher. I take my hat to those of you that do!

However, I’d done my research, chosen the teaching material and naively I thought it would be alright on the night. We had just over three weeks between finishing up and heading off so I let Issy have this time to just enjoy being with her family and friends. Home schooling would start in earnest once we hit the road.  Er…not exactly.

First of all, I hadn’t accounted for the fact that we were having so much fun, none of us really wanted to be doing school work.

Then there was Issy. She dared to say loudly and clearly “no, No, NO!” The first few weeks were a disaster and led to tears, pleading and bribery on a daily basis (and that was just me.) Eventually Doug sat me down and with brutal honesty summed up my teaching abilities; the report card said EPIC FAIL. This was going to be harder than I thought, not least because everything was new to me, I was scared of letting Issy down and I was struggling with the concept that I was now mum and teacher.

9 months in and we’re stilling hitting significant bumps in the road which lead to us tweaking the timetable. Homeschooling is definitely not an easy route but the benefits are worth it (mostly). Issy grows in confidence on a daily basis, has become more flexible in her thinking and is starting to actively seek out learning opportunities for herself.

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