Van Life

We never set out to become motorhome owners, we became accidental owners through circumstance. Issy crashed and burned in Denmark and suddenly finding a mobile home or campervan was top of the agenda or our trip was over. We headed back to Germany as we’d heard it was significantly cheaper to buy vans there. It’s the best thing we ever did!

For us the priority was somewhere Issy could call home; a place she felt safe and could customise so she had her own room. Ideally we a motor home that was less than 6m long, had permanent beds, a table and chairs and the ability to zone off areas.  The rest was negotiable.

With an impressive one weeks motorhome experience between us and armed with a budget of 10,000 Euros we rocked up at Wohnmobil-Galerie in Itzahoe in the pouring rain. Yes, they could sell us what we wanted but we wouldn’t be able to register it in the UK and we’d be back within a week as it wasn’t what we needed. Fortunately, for once we listened, stretched the budget and three visits later we’d purchased Rosie (a 20-year old 6 berth motor home).

There have been bumps in the road; discovering that we couldn’t extend the registration plates as planned was one of them, trying to get insurance was another. Both of these were stressful at the time but 6 months later seem a lifetime ago. We’ve lived in her permanently for 4 of the 6 months and have totally fallen in love her with. As doubter-in-chief I’m a complete convert. We’ve looked at several newer models and so far nothing has come close to what we have in terms of space, budget and manoeuvrability.