What I like

I   like swimming,rock climbing,rock  pooling and hiking but NOT SCHOOLING!!

Rock climbing 

I love  climbing so I obviously love rock climbing. I find it so fun and  crazy. Rocking  climbing is my favourite sport and I’ve done it all round the world.


Swimming  is my next   favourite. It’s a relaxing thing  to   do for  me.I started learn  to swim when I was 12  weeks old.  I went  swimming   when  my  mum didn’t  put  a toe  in!!!

Rock pooling and beach combing

Rock pooling is a really cool. You get to see lots of fish and jelly fish. 


We have done lots of hiking. The last one we did was a lava rock hike!!! (Don’t worry it’s rock now)


In  case you haven’t guessed I hate schooling. I have even tried to get some animals to help me get out of it!!

And some ships!