About Us

My name’s Emma and I’m in charge of blogging and homeschooling. A former Solicitor turned Commercial Administrator/Facilities Manager it’s my fault we set off on this crazy journey. I’ve always travelled and after the death of my mum in February 2017, I had itchy feet. Seemingly out of the blue I came home one day and said “I want to take off and go round the world”. Instead of the stunned silence and sensible suggestion that we could now afford a deposit for a house I was expecting, Doug simply said “so when are we off!” And so the planning began.

Doug (an IT Incident and Problem Manager) is the cook, cleaner and chauffeur. He too has always travelled. In fact we met last time he was travelling round the world. He stopped in Manchester and started working for my dear friend and house mate, Anne and the rest they say is history.

Issy burst onto the scene in 2010 and aged 4 days old we had her first passport photo taken (amazingly at the first attempt her eyes are open and she is looking at the camera a feat which has proved elusive since). By the age of 5 she’d been to New Zealand three times, Australia times twice, Singapore, China, South Korea and France.

Doug’s boys Billy and Ryan are New Zealand based but join us whenever we set foot in the Land of Long White Cloud.